Nursing Home/Elder Abuse

When a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle needs to be moved into a nursing home or assisted living facility, the family must begin to watch for signs of nursing home negligence or elder abuse. While many facilities are well run, some are not, and the elderly who cannot defend themselves are all too frequently abused.

We consider representing our elder clients a matter of utmost importance, as your loved ones deserve to retain their dignity and enjoy their golden years. When they are abused or neglected by those who should be taking care of them, it is important that legal action is taken fast and effectively. We are aggressive advocates for our clients, and take pride in defending those who are unable to protect themselves.

If you suspect that a parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt is being neglected or abused while in a nursing home, hospital or rehabilitation center, the abuse or neglect must be reported as soon as possible. Nursing home abuse frequently takes place under the eyes of an underpaid or poorly trained staff. Uneducated, unskilled workers may resent their jobs and take out their anger on the elderly patients they are supposed to care for. Elderly patients or residents who have trouble speaking or are overly medicated to keep them from contesting abuse are most vulnerable.

Signs of elder abuse include:

  • Any injury that requires emergency treatment or hospitalization: bruises, cuts, burns, broken bones or sprains.
  • Falls of any kind. Proper supervision and assistance may not eliminate all falls, but repeated falls or falls out of a wheelchair or bed should raise immediate red flags.
  • Anxiety when asked about injuries or the quality of care they are receiving.
  • Personality changes: could be a result of overmedication
  • Poor medical health: Bed sores, not getting their medicine, dehydration, dirty or poor living conditions.

Call Thering, PLLC at 866-996-7123 to discuss your situation. There are certain rights and freedoms guaranteed by law to the elderly, but often the only way to enforce these rights is to bring an elder abuse lawsuit.

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