Child Birth Injuries

Childbirth Injuries and Medical Malpractice

Birth injuries are heart-breaking reminders that medical malpractice sometimes takes placeduring labor and delivery. Doctors, obstetricians, hospitals, nurses and anesthesiologists who make mistakes during labor and delivery harm mothers and children, as well as their entire families.

Hospitals carefully monitor the condition of the baby during labor and delivery with a fetal heart rate monitor, which shows the baby’s heart rate in relation to contractions or any other changes during labor. Many birth injuries involve the failure of the doctor or nurses to correctly read the information from the fetal heart rate monitor, the failure to notify the doctor or the failure to take action at the appropriate time. Unfortunately, these mistakes can cause serious heart ache for the families, as birth injuries usually lead to life-long problems that require a lifetime of therapy and medical care.

Birth Injuries may include:

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